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FAQ on Florida Workers Comp Insurance

Florida Workers Compensation Insurance for the Construction Industry 

FL workers comp insurance is required to be carried by any any construction business having even one employee that does not hold a valid Florida workers compensation insurance exemption.  This means that most trade or artisan contractors will be required to carry some form of FL workers compensation insurance in order to conduct business in our state. 

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Florida Workers Compensation Policy?

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Florida Construction Insurance .com to help you find the best policy for your business:


  • Experience - Florida workers compensation insurance for contractors represents a specialty area of the insurance industry.  While your neighborhood insurance agent is probably a nice person, he or she may not necessarily posses the experience that is required to find the best policy for your business.  


  • Service - Florida Construction Insurance .com offers fast turnaround time on quotes and can often bind your policy within 24 hours--sometimes times even on the same day.  We also provide you with access to instant online certificates of insurance that you can print and edit as needed 24/7.  We are always just a click or a phone call away!


  • Options- We provide the most options available to you anywhere under one roof when it comes to a Florida workers compensation insurance policy for your construction business.  Traditional polices, employee leasing arrangements, flexible billing with low downpayments and more.

What is the Florida Contractors Credit and
How do I Qualify?

The Florida Contractors Credit Premium Adjustment Program (FCCPAP or "F-Cap" for short) is a program that provides a credit of between 1-25% of annual premium based on the average wage that is paid to employees who work in a construction related code. Most construction business that pay an average wage higher than $10.00 per hour are eligible.  Give us a call or click here to learn more about the FCCPAP.

How do I file for a Florida workers compensation insurance exemption?

In order to be Florida workers comp exempt a person must be an officer of a corporation and be at least a 10% owner of that corporation.  Florida Construction Insurance .com can file the form on your behalf, or you can file the form yourself by downloading it.



Why Should You Choose Us for Your Florida Workers Compensation Policy?

FL Workers Comp

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