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FAQ About Florida Employee Leasing

A Florida Employee Leasing Policy Could Be the Best Fit for Your Business

At Florida Construction Insurance .com we explore not only traditional workers' compensation polices for your contracting business, we'll also shop for the best solution through a Florida employee leasing company.  It has been our experience that there are times when combining payroll, workers' compensation and even general liability under one roof with a Florida employee leasing company will not only save your business time and provide incredible convenience, but that it is also possible to realize substantial cost savings for certain types of businesses when compared to traditional insurance policies.  Florida Construction Insurance .com works with multiple Florida employee leasing companies.  We will shop your policy with all of them and come back to you with the best one.  In this situation each leasing company knows that they must compete to win your business!  This is not only the most effective way to find the best rate, it also saves you the hassle of dealing with multiple sales agents from multiple Florida employee leasing companies.  We handle it all for you from start to finish.

Traditional Policy vs. Florida Employee Leasing Company-Which is Better?

There is no answer to this question that fits every situation.  The reality is that there are many cases in which utilizing a Florida employee leasing company is the best fit for both cost and convenience.  There are also numerous scenarios that favor a traditional policy.  The best answer to the question is to compare and contrast both options to find the best solution.  In the end you'll never know if you don't investigate both options.  That's exactly the reason why we shop multiple Florida employee leasing companies along with multiple traditional insurance carriers.  We want to leave no stone unturned in our quest to discover the best solution for you!

What exactly is an employee leasing company?

When utilizing a Florida employee leasing company, your business in essence leases its own employees back from the leasing provider.  Hence the term "employee leasing".  You still maintain control of your workers and of the day to day operations of your business.  However, your employees are placed on the workers compensation policy (and sometimes the general liability or health insurance polices) of the leasing organization.   The Florida employee leasing company also assumes many of the payroll, insurance, and other non revenue producing human resource duties of your business.  Florida employee leasing companies then report and file payroll related taxes under their own tax ID numbers instead of yours.  

Preferred Liability Carriers Include

Florida Employee Leasing Policy

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