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We are Your Florida Contractors Insurance Experts 

The best way to summarize who we are and what we do is this:  We are Florida contractors insurance experts.  Our years of experience working with contractors of all types and sizes and our extensive knowledge of the intricacies of Florida contractors insurance allows us to present our valued customers with the best possible solution when it comes to a Florida contractors insurance policy.

Helping You Get Where You Want to Be

Our staff comes from a diverse background of insurance, employee leasing and even payroll & tax professionals.  One thing we all have in common is a passion for what we do and a dedication to serving our Florida contractors insurance customers.  Our commitment to you is not just through a computer--we take our relationship with you very personally.  While many of our clients first contact us via an online quote, we make a point to take a personal interest in you and in your business because we want you to feel comfortable speaking frankly with us about your needs and preferences.  Most of our Florida contractor insurance policy holders end up valuing our company as a trusted advisor and a true partner in their business. We take the extra time to do this because we know that our own future depends on helping you succeed today.  

In addition to providing personal customer service, there is something else that makes us unique.  We only write Florida contractor insurance.  We don't carry homeowners, personal auto or any other type of coverage that isn't related to Florida contractor insurance.  We literally deal only with Florida contractors insurance and nothing else.  This allows us to do one thing and to do it well.  In fact, we think we do it better than anyone and we think you'll agree.  Find out for yourself by giving us a call or by getting an online quote for your Florida contractor insurance policy today!

What Else Makes Us Different?  We Only Write Florida Contractor Insurance

“We work in an industry where workers’ compensation insurance can be very hard to come by. Not only did Florida Construction Insurance .com help us to obtain a workers’ compensation policy with an ‘A’ rated underwriter, but they also saved our business more than $10,000 on our commercial auto policy... In the 5 years that we have been doing business with them, they have become more than just a partner in our business—they have become our friends. We even send them a Christmas present every year!" 


Hannah Phillips 

J.U.S.T. Steel Structural Steel Contractors

"Florida Construction is more than just a faceless Internet website.  I have gotten to know the people who work there and they know me by name when I call.   They have helped me with everything from workers compensation to bonds to a health insurance policy for my wife and I.  When I started another business they even got my new corporation set up and federal tax ID # filed...  I would recommend their services without hesitation to anyone in the construction industry.


Joel Greifzu

J. Greifzu Plastering Inc

Florida Contractor Liability Insurance

Florida's Contractor Liability Insurance Specialist
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